Diario • 29 Ottobre 2021

GREAT’s millet and sorghum cookies arrive on the GDO’s shelves!

The 6th of October, during a press conference at the Prodi Hall of Bologna’s University, we presented to the public the millet and sorghum cookies produced by Alce Nero with the cereals grown inside GREAT Life experimentation.

The millet, sorghum and chocolate drops cookies are the point of arrival of a path as long as the supply chain we created: the cereals grown by the farmers- followed by Bologna’s University researchers- inside the GREAT Life’s experimentation were used as raw material for the creation of a prototype. This prototype was distributed and tested inside the GREAT Community, created by Kilowatt,  and in the Comune di Cento’s schools canteens.
Thanks to the feedback we harvested in this first phase, Alce Nero developed the final version of the cookies, which will be available soon on the GDO’s shelves. The LCA (life cycle assesment) impact of all of that was monitored by LCE.

The new Alce Nero’s cookies, asides being delicious, are a source of fibres and minerals like phosphorus and cooper. Good and genuine, they represents a food which is expression of consciousness and attention to the environment and to the climate, a food which valorises the work of the farmer and respects the consumer, perfectly on line with our idea of GREAT Food.

This moment of presentation was also the occasion to talk about resilience and innovation, to remember the importance of experimentations that reflect on solutions capable to mitigate the negative effects of climate change through a creative and relational approach.

We like to think that these cookies are a first step towards the enlargement of the community that had been created around GREAT’s values, in order to make more and more people aware of the impact our consumptions choices have on biodiversity and supply chain’s valorisation.
And than, what to say, they really are delicious- try it to believe it!