We work because sustainable food is not only an individual, ethical choice but a collective movement capable of generating a future.

For us, GREAT LIFE Food is good, healthy and genuine food, able to reflect both the territory and its traditions. An innovative food, an expression of awareness and attention to the environment. A food that adds value to the work of the farmer and respects the consumer, for a choice of taste and responsibility.

We generate change by bringing to the market resilient agricultural products that are accessible to all. We involve the entire chain from cultivation to the final market, in order to promote awareness of the contribution that food choices may have on the environment, health and economy.

We are working to achieve a new position of sustainability in the food sector: we want to move from the concept of making an individual ethical choice towards that of a collective movement, capable of envisioning a future.

Resilient summer crops, alternatives to maize, are already recognized in Italian agricultural tradition. For example, several historical sources attest to a widespread presence, of minor cereals such as the common millet, foxtail millet and sorghum in daily food.